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I'm Joel,

Thanks for visiting my website to start off with. Trusting you will find what you are looking for. 

Here's a bit about me..


I'm a Herefordshire & Worcestershire based photographer but will travel to wherever your big day or job takes me. I mainly specialise in weddings but also provide other services such as business promotions, property shoots, events etc. 

I love what I do and meeting new people on the way.  Sharing and capturing one of the biggest days in peoples lives is a big responsibility which I feel very lucky to hold, as I get to provide something you'll keep forever.


My passion for photography stems from childhood - Imagine old 35mm cameras with boxes of film and a red lit dark room. I took inspiration from my dad, a great photographer. whose photos played a huge part in shaping my style. He taught me all I know over the years and I made the leap to start my photography business in 2021. I never looked back. 

Along with photography I produce and DJ. I've always been into the ARTS, you'll never find me not doing something creative haha. My family always joke saying I should do an all in one package for weddings - photos by day, DJ by night.. One day maybe..

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